Boundary + Urban Airship: Pizza, Beer, Tech Talks

Wednesday, May 22 @ 6:30

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Join us for an evening of Pizza, Beer, and Tech Talks: PDX Edition at Urban Airship's space in the Pearl. This evening's theme is high-performance network programming.

Scott Andreas will talk about network-level oddities that are important to think about when designing high-performance network applications. Lower-level TCP behaviors such as incast, Nagle's algorithm, and tcp_retries2 are a few examples of what we'll learn about – and how to avoid getting hit by them when you don't expect it!

Soren Macbeth will talk about ElephantDB, a distributed, read-only key/value data store specifically designed to export data from Hadoop and it's role in Yieldbot's production data pipeline.


We'll have a couple nice beer options and some hot Sizzle Pie ready for you to kick back, relax, and enjoy after work. Once the talks wrap up, we'll head over to Bailey's Tap Room to hang out and enjoy each other's company.

See you there!

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